Communications Platforms

  • Univerge SV9000 Series

    Univerge SV9000 Series

    The UNIVERGE® SV9000 platform is a new system, with new handsets and new applications to empower your workforce. Built…

  • WebPro communications system management

    WebPro communications system management

    WebPro is a communications system management tool that provides you the ability to manage your phones and simplify administration….

  • Refurbished Systems

    Refurbished Systems

    If you are not sure you are ready for a new system, we can add equipment and features to…

  • UX 5000 Communications Server

    UX 5000 Communications Server

    UX5000 system starts off in its basic configuration to accommodate a simple office applications telephone user and continues to…



    UNIVERGE 3C is a complete, software-based, unified communications and collaboration solution.

  • DSX80 / DSX160

    DSX80 / DSX160

    More than ever before, smaller businesses need telephone systems that are affordable.
    Yet they need systems that offer their users…

  • DSX-40


    Smaller businesses find the DSX-40 easy to install and intuitive to use. And it is economical since the costs…

  • SL1100


    Powerful communications for a small business budget – SL1100 offers a wide-range of intuitive features that can be tailored…

  • Univerge 3C for MB/SE

    Univerge 3C for MB/SE

    Each SMB Platform is a comprehensive integrated solution designed to meet the unique challenges and communcaiton needs of SMBs.

  • Univerge SV8300

    Univerge SV8300

    The premier communications server for medium-sized businesses with advanced communication needs.

  • Univerge SV8100

    Univerge SV8100

    Univerge SV8100 communication server