DT700 IP Desktop Terminals


Helping employees to be even more efficient.

NEC’s UNIVERGE IP Desktop Terminal (DT700 series) helps employees be even more efficient in those organizations that choose the benefits offered by IP telephony.

By offering a wide range of customizable features, the DT700 series meets the communication needs and environmental standards of any organization.  Meanwhile, its modular design gives organizations the opportunity to quickly and easily customize the phones to address each employee’s specific communication needs…now and into the future.

The DT700 series is simple to use and developers can easily customize features for these IP phones due to their XML open interface.


UNIVERGE® DT700 Benefits


Scalability and customization through modularity
As your business expands, so do your communication needs. Your terminals should be able to grow with your business. With NEC’s UNIVERGE Desktop IP Terminals, there is no need to replace the entire terminal if you need new features. Instead, your initial investment is protected, and the terminal can be upgraded at minimal cost.

XML open interface support
XML open interface support enables developers to create displayable and accessible applications via NEC’s IP terminals. This feature provides you the ability to tailor applications specifically for your business.

Access to Advanced Applications that increase Staff Productivity and Efficiency
Advanced applications delivered directly to the desktop terminal enable staff to work more efficiently and improve customer service. The integration of voicemail, ACD and customer

DT700 Features


  • A full range of models
  • Call history
  • Local and system directories
  • Wideband audio (7Khz internal connection)
  • Internal 10/100M
  • New, intuitive interfaces with easily recognized global icons
  • Separate configurations for each user
  • Optional adapters:
    • Analog Record Adapter (ADA)
    • Direct Station Selection (DSS)
    • PSTN Adapter for Analog (PSA)
    • 60 Line Key Direct Station Selection (60DSS)
  • Customizable side panels and keypads
  • XML open interface support
  • Security-enabled authentication control 802.1x (MD5)
  • Downloadable ringtones and music on hold
  • Auto-configuration
  • Terminal data protection capabilities
  • IP phone manager