UCE Contact Center


The ideal solution for high-traffic contact centers that want to provide excellent customer service with up to 2,000 agents.

UC for Enterprise (UCE) Contact Center is a suite of products and services that help contact center personnel more efficiently manage all forms of contact from phone calls, voice mails and e-mails to text messages, web chats and faxes.

Designed specifically for NEC’s SV8300 communications servers, UCE Contact Center offers a full set of unified communication tools as well as rich, contact center features.  Those features can bring greater productivity to either a large, single site or up to 50 sites networked via NEC’s Common Channel Inter-Office Signaling.

UCE Contact Center is exceedingly modular and scalable. Purchase it for a medium-sized contact center and easily expand it as agent population increases. Or, purchase it with a few basic features and then add more advanced options as needed.

With UCE Contact Center, enterprises find they can generate:

  • Shorter response time
  • Fewer abandoned calls
  • Lower operating costs
  • Increased revenues
  • Higher customer satisfaction

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