Univerge Attendant Console

First impressions count and businesses simply can’t afford alienating callers by misdirecting their calls, leaving them on hold too long or accidently dropping the call altogether.

With NEC’s UNIVERGE Attendant Console, businesses can be assured that all calls will be answered promptly and efficiently keeping their customers satisfied.

The Attendant Console promotes optimal call management by delivering the tools necessary to handle large call volumes. It is designed to be used with both the UNIVERGE SV8300 and SV8500 Communications Servers.

The Attendant Console offers:

  • A cost-effective way to increase attendant productivity
  • An intuitively designed interface which streamlines call processing
  • A large LCD display for easy viewing of call information
  • One-touch access for overhead paging and recording functions
  • An optional hospitality module with a full-range of features


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