Univerge SV8100 ACD


Designed specifically for NEC’s SV8100 communications server, UNIVERGE SV8100 ACD is a smart, cost-effective automated call distribution (ACD) solution that is easy to implement and maintain. This embedded ACD’s unique integration results in a dynamic tool for smaller contact centers.

Contact center supervisors program into the SV8100 ACD a list of member agents. When a customer calls into the contact center, SV8100 ACD automatically routes the person to the agent that best fits their needs based on pre-established criteria. SV8100 ACD is more sophisticated than Department Calling and other group services, since it can accurately distribute calls accordingly and judge the workload of each agent.

SV8100 ACD supports 64 ACD groups, 64 supervisors and one system supervisor. However, a contact center can increase its responsiveness by using NEC’s SV8100 Netlink to connect multiple sites equipped with SV8100 ACD.

Supervisors can use SV8100 ACD to track ACD traffic and other data in real time. They can control, resize, reposition and close each of the many data windows it displays on their desktops. They can also use SV8100 ACD to create customized reports from the current and historical data recorded by the system.

Additionally, SV8100 ACD seamlessly integrates with UC Desktop Suite to enable users to quickly and easily login as an agent directly from the UC Desktop Client. This integration allows your agents to take advantage of both SV8100 ACD and UC Desktop suite functionality.

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UNIVERGE® SV8100 Specifications

Agent Station types UNIVERGE DT300 Series
SP310 Softphone
Analog single-line terminals
Agents: 512
Agent/Client Real-time
Desktop Client Interfaces:
ACD Groups: 64
Supervisors: 64
System Supervisor: 1
Wallboard: 1, 2 or 3-line
Delay Announcements
Per Group:
Per System:
Per Standard Messages:
ACD MIS Monitor: 16
Queue Depth: 200
Available Reports: Agent Performance Summary
Abandoned Calls
Agent Traffic by Hour
Abandoned Calls by Hour
Agent Call Summary
Abandoned Calls by Day
Agent Login/Rest Timeline
Group Service Level
Group Call Summary
Group Service Level by Hour
Group Call Summary by Hour
Group Service Level by Day
Group Call Summary by Day
Call Detail by Queue
Group Call Traffic
Individual Call Detail
Group Call Traffic by Day
Calls Dialed out of Queue
Group Call Traffic by Hour
Calls Overflowed out of Queue
Calls Overflowed into Queue
Available Graphs: Queue Monitor Graph
Queue Summary Graph
Queue Performance Graph
Queue Summary by Hour Graph
Available Tables: Agent State
Agent Summary
Queue Monitor
Queue Summary
Call Center Monitor
Call Center Summary

SV8100 Benefits

Embedded ACD for the UNIVERGE SV8100
Designed specifically to work on NEC’s UNIVERGE SV8100, the embedded ACD’s unique integration is the result of a voice processing system merging with a communication system. This seamless integration makes the SV8100 ACD easy to program and maintain.

Intelligent customer service
Boost customer service and agent productivity by routing calls based upon which inbound line a call is received, what line has the longest idle and the time of day the call is received. Users can also provide select customers with a special incoming line to call.

Real-time desktop interface display
Real-time display provides a simulated wallboard. It instantly provides supervisors with both queue threshold and agent information on their PCs. Supervisors and authorized agents can use the agent desktop GUI to text message important information to agents or groups. Instant information improves agent performance and reduces training time without increasing business costs.

Valuable information at your fingertips
Agents and supervisors can retrieve statistical information from the SV8100 ACD by simply pressing a telephone button. When queued callers or caller hold times exceed a pre-determined threshold, the system automatically sends alerts to agents’ and supervisors’ telephone displays. Additionally, the wide range of user-defined reports provided by the SV8100 ACD can be scheduled or printed on demand in graph or text format.

Enhanced efficiency
The SV8100 ACD can be configured to enable callers waiting in queue to dial another extension, ACD Group, or voice mail box during message playback. Callers presented with customized choices tend to be more satisfied with the level of service received.