Univerge SV8300

Communications server


The premier communications server for medium-sized businesses with advanced communication needs.

It is the ideal solution for those organizations concerned with quick decision making, rapid customer response, worker mobility and environmental responsibility. Organizations that need a server that can grow along with their business over time will find the SV8300 an ideal solution.

This communications server:

  • Supports voice communications, unified communications and mobility solutions
  • Works seamlessly with IP, TDM, video, wired or wireless networks
  • Accommodates up to a couple thousand ports
  • Supports several high-powered features and apps that branches and remote locations can share
  • Can expand along with your communication requirements
  • Is highly reliable
  • Supports open standards, simplifying integration of business processes
  • Complies with green standards

SV8300 Benefits

Rack-stackable architecture
The SV8300’s stackable chassis supports server functions, media gateways and media converters in a single unit.

Support for both VoIP and traditional voice
Deployment of a pure IP solution or any combination of IP and traditional circuit-switched technology is supported on a single SV8300 system.

Standard SIP telephone support
Allows users to utilize third-party phones.

Application integration
Applications are easily accessed through simple license activation.

As your business grows, so do its communication needs. The SV8300 seamlessly scales to 2048 ports in a single system network image.

SV8300 Features

  • Advanced applications including Unified Communications , Collaboration and Voicemail
  • Resources and features can be transparently shared with branch and remote offices by networking Sv8300 or linking Sv8300s with other NEC platforms
  • Remote Link offers:
    • Seamless networking of up to 47 SV8300s together
    • Failover capability in the event the primary system goes offline
  • Provides redundant CPU blades to ensure business continuity
  • Supports VoIP and traditional voice
  • Standard SIP telephone support
  • Enhanced centralized management
  • 19” stackable chassis architecture supports server functions, media gateways and media converters in a single unit
  • 1536 IP stations
  • 512 trunks