Communicating with more people in today’s increasingly fast-paced business world.

With NEC’s UNIVERGE UM4730 Unified Messaging solution, an organization can be far more productive in how it connects and communicates with the people who matter most — its customers and co-workers.

The NEC UM4730 offers traditional messaging capabilities such as voice mail, automated attendant and audio text. However, it takes communication to a new level by also providing such advanced features as unified messaging, presence-based greetings, web mailbox manager, mobile web mailbox manager, and RSS feeds for notification.

The UM4730 also offers several optional packages that expand the power of the voice-messaging system. They include:

  • Text-to-Speech
  • ActiveFax
  • Networking capabilities
  • Hospitality (designed specifically for hotels, motels and resorts)

The UM4730 features an IP integration and is easy to install, maintain and allows it to be deployed in a VMware® virtualized environment; eliminating the need for expensive and space consuming voice boards, as well as internal station cards for the PBX, saving your organization money. The IP integration allows the UM4730 to connect directly to IP enabled UNIVERGE SV8300 and UNIVERGE SV8500 Communications Servers via a single Ethernet connection.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Unified Messaging (up to 1,250 simultaneous sessions)
  • Web Mailbox Manager (desktop mailbox management and message access)
  • Mobile Web Mailbox Manager RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds for message notification
  • Web browser system administration console
  • Speed Keys for single button access to functions
  • Date and Time Stamp
  • Single Digit Dialing
  • Subscriber Self Enrollment Tutorial
  • Special Delivery Options (Future, Urgent, Return Receipt)
  • Web Mailbox Manager (desktop mailbox management)
  • Multiple Personalized Greetings
  • Message Editing
  • Message Rewind, Pause and Fast Forward
  • Message Waiting Notification
  • Out dial Message Notification
  • Pager Notification
  • Cascade Notification
  • Volume and Speed Control
  • Subscriber Controlled Groups
  • Message Cancel and Redirect
  • Transfer to Attendant
  • Supervised and Unsupervised (Blind) Transfer support
  • Call Screening
  • Call Accept or Reject
  • Call Holding with queue status
  • User Changeable Voice Prompts
  • Reports
  • Port Independence allows each port to have its own set of parameters to answer calls
  • Port Status Monitor
  • Menu Options
  • Multilingual Capabilities (17 available languages)
  • Alpha and Numeric Directory
  • Guest Mailboxes
  • Holiday Schedules
  • Variable Length Security Codes and Passwords
  • Caller Interviewing
  • Remote Maintenance via IP or dial up modem connection
  • Inbound and Outbound Fax
  • Fax Detect and Routing

Optional Features

  • Text-To-Speech for Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes or Novel GroupWise
  • ActiveFax (up to 8 ports)
  • Hospitality Feature Package with PMS Integration
    • 17 available guest languages (5 languages included with the hospitality pkg.)
    • Integrates with over 60 PMS packages
  • Networking (support for AMIS and PlusNet protocols)
  • NEC UC Desktop Suite Integration
    • Presence-based Greetings
    • View and manage messages from desktop client

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