Voice mail, e-mail and faxes are the mainstay of today’s productive organization.

With NEC’s UNIVERGE UM8000 system, even the busiest organization can efficiently manage the wealth of messages generated each day – no matter what form those messages come in.

NEC’s UM8000 is an in-skin unified messaging system designed specifically for NEC’s SV8100 and SV8300 communication servers.  It offers:


  • Abundant message storage
  • Scalability from 2 to 16 ports
  • The option of adding up to 4 fax ports
  • A mailbox manager where users can configure their individual preferences
  • Fully integrated messaging
  • Hospitality (designed specifically for hotels, motels and resorts)

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UM8000 Benefits

In-Skin Unified Messaging for the UNIVERGE SV8000 Series
With feature-rich Unified Messaging, all voice, fax and e-mail messages are directed into one inbox. This enables users to keep track of all their messages more easily.

User-configurable mailbox manager
Users can control and configure their personal mailbox settings using the Mailbox Manager’s graphical user interface (GUI). Greetings, security codes, notifications, groups, conversation preferences and more can all be modified through the Mailbox Manager.

An optional feature package for the hospitality industry
UM8000 offers an optional feature package specifically designed for the hospitality industry. Some features include integration with most property management systems (PMSs) through the Property Management System Interface (PMSI), personalized guest messaging for every room, and enablement of callers to contact hotel guests or leave messages without going through an operator.

Fully-integrated messaging
For simplified message management, UM8000 offers convenient access to messages and customizable user-friendly settings.

UM8000 Features

Features provided by the UM8000 Solution include:

Speed Keys Extension Remapping
Remote Maintenance Alphanumeric Directory
Date and Time Stamp Volume & Speed Control
Transfer to Attendant Cascade Notification
Caller Interviewing Menu Options
Urgent Message Count Out-Dial Pager Notification
Call Accept or Reject Subscriber Controlled Groups
Port Independence Holiday Schedules
Guest Mailboxes and Call Screening Reports
Supervised/Unsupervised Transfers Message Waiting Notification
Subscriber Self-Enrollment Fax Detect, Routing and Notification
Live Record, Message Cancel & Redirect Soft-Key Functionality & Trunk Mapping
Future, Urgent & Return Receipt Delivery Message Rewind, Pause & Fast Forward
Variable-Length Security Codes/Passwords Cut-Through Paging & Message Editing
User-Changeable Voice Prompts & Single-Digit Dialing Multilingual Capability & Multiple Personalized Greetings