Helping companies achieve far more in far less time.

With NEC’s UNIVERGE UM8700, businesses can communicate more efficiently, respond more quickly yet waste less time than ever before.

NEC’s UNIVERGE UM8700 is a unified communications solution that delivers best-in-class applications that can enhance a user’s efficiency and productivity as well as a business overall effectiveness in the marketplace. It transforms any telephone system into a powerful productivity tool that enables users to access and manage all of their messages, whether they arein the office or on the road.   
This powerful suite includes:


  • Advanced call processing
  • Voice mail
  • Unified messaging
  • Personal assistant
  • Fax
  • Speech
  • Notification


The UM8700 can seamlessly be integrated into existing systems and it operates reliably on centralized, distributed and mixed infrastructures.  Rely on the UM8700 to enhance the efficiency of mobile and remote workers as much as those in the office, and it can be scaled to support the new objectives of a growing organization.

The variety of options for deploying the UM8700 gives organizations multiple ways to depend on the continuous high-availability and disaster recovery the UM8700 offers.

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