Small and medium-sized businesses cannot afford to incorrectly route calls, lose messages or make customers stay on hold for an extended period of time.

NEC’s UNIVERGE VM8000 InMail is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses that want to ensure all callers quickly and reliably reach the people and information they seek.

It is an embedded solution for NEC’s UNIVERGE SV8100 Communication Server that provides digitally-integrated voice messaging capabilities and automated attendant features. With VM8000 InMail, an SMB can achieve its communication needs now and well into the future.

With VM8000 InMail:

  •  Improve customer satisfaction by ensuring customer calls get routed to the appropriate person and are answered quickly and efficiently
  • Increase employee productivity by helping employees better manage their messages and calls
  • Benefit from an intuitive user-interface which simplifies employees’ learning curve through a step-by-step guide with pre-recorded voice prompts
  • Installation, setup and maintenance is simplified through its online Windows-based PC Pro centralized HTML-based programming access with easy-to-follow wizards that streamline programming
  • Share one voicemail system between two or more communication systems so employees can access voice mail from any location and configuration costs can be reduced
  • Integrate seamlessly with UC Desktop Suite Client for quick and easy access to messages

The VM8000 InMail solution includes the following essential Voicemail and Auto Attendant features:

Voicemail: Conversation Recording Auto-Help Voice Prompts
Answering Machine Emulation Auto-Forward to Mailbox
Fax Detection
Cascading Message Notification
Email Notification Save/Delete/Keep as New Support
Centralized Voicemail (NetLink)
Real Time and Date Stamp
Interactive Softkeys One-Touch Forwarding
Message Count Display One-Touch Mailbox Access
Programmable Voice Prompts
Download Selected Messages to a PC as .WAV Files
One-Key Call to Sender
Message Forwarding Real Time and Date Stamp
Guest & Group/Dept. Mailbox Types One-Touch Message Retrieval
Announcement Mailbox for One-Way Information Three Personalized Mailbox Greetings
Remote/Local Message Notification (on or offsite) Programmable Individual Security Code
Remote Programming via WebPro/PCPro Change Language Setting via the Telephone
Automated Attendant: Answer Schedule Tables Single Digit Transfer
Capture Caller ID Individual Trunk Greetings
Flexible Answering via Trunk Time-of-Day & Day-of-Week Three Day, Night and Holiday Greetings