USB Handset UTR-1W-1


Providing audio connectivity to users of NEC’s SoftPhones.

NEC’s USB Handset (UTR-1W-1) plugs directly into a USB port on any desktop computer or laptop and lets users perform the same functions as they do on a standard IP desktop phone.

The USB Handset uses wideband CODECs for the truest possible speech reproduction. The result is crystal-clear audio. The handset’s easy-to-use intuitive interface and design provide users with:


  • Four (4) programmable feature keys
  • A lamp for notification of voice mails and incoming calls
  • An easy-to-read numeric dial pad
  • A connector for plugging in a headset
  • The ability to switch between the handset and headset, either through the desktop or a function key on the handset



Items Specification
Dial Pad Available
Function Keys (configurable) Four Default setting as noted:
F1= Hold, F2= Transfer, F3=Volume Control Down, F4= Volume Control – up (Note 1)
LED lamps Red located on the left and right of the unit
Applicable OS Windows 7/ Vista/ XP/2000 (Note 2)
USB interface Revision 2.0
USB Driver Standard driver included in Windows
Voice Bandwidth Support wideband (300Hz- 7KHz) (Note 3)
Headset Available (note 1)
Power feeding Via USB port of PC
Power Consumption .75W (Max)
On/Off hook detection by cradle Available.
Wall Mount Available
Operating temperature & Humidity Temperature 0-40 dec C
Humidity 20 ~80% RH
Dimensions About 70mm x 223.5 mm x 106mm (all)
USB cable USB cable 1.5m
Weight About 560g

Note 1: Headset is not available in VPCC environment.
Note 2: Together with SP310 R3.6 and SP350 R4 or later, it is compliant with Windows 7.0
Note 3: Only narrowband voice quality is supported for VPCC environment.



UTR -1W-1(BK)

SP30/SP30 Operating Environment Normal VPCC
Dial Pad (10 Key) Available Available Note 1
On/Off Hook Key Available Available Note 2
Function Buttons (Hold, Transfer Available Available Note 2
Volume Key (Up, Down) Available Available Note 2
Change Of function buttons Available Available Note 3
Terminating Lamp Available Available On both (right and left) side
On/Off Hook Detection from Cradle Available Available Hook Switch
Wave File for call termination Available Available Note 4
Wideband Codec Available Not Available Note 5
Headset Available Not Available Note 6
Wall Mount Available Available Built-in

Note 1: It is mounted on the cradle side
Note 2: It is available by assigning of a function key button
Note 3: It is possible to assign Call Pickup, Conference, Start recording etc on function keys
Note 4: It is possible to change the ringing tone with WAV file on PC
Note 5: Only narrowband voice quality is supported for VPCC environment.
Note 6: Headset is not available in VPCC environment. Headset is connectable with Dterm Sp30 (Version P/Version 17 or later or SP350.

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