WebPro communications system management

WebPro is a communications system management tool that provides you the ability to manage your phones and simplify administration. WebPro connects people with the information and tools they need to keep businesses running smoothly.

Here is a short video demonstrating how WebPro can help you do basic administration on your phone system.

WebPro allows you to manage your communications system simply and easily. Programming is done via three methods – Standard view, Wizards and System Data. These views are accessible through easy to use menus or one-click icons.

  • Standard View combines related settings on one screen, allowing quick setup of high-level tasks. Settings on these screens work together to provide users a better understanding of screen relationships. They are identified by names which clearly indicate their functions.
  • Wizards can be used to simplify programming by automating the completion of common tasks. Wizards chronologically group system data and guide users step by step through the feature setup process.
  • System Data screens are intended for advanced users who can use them to directly set advanced configurations categorized by server settings.

Configure Settings and Schedule Firmware Updates Remotely

WebPro helps make the management process easier by allowing users to remotely configure phone settings and schedule automatic firmware updates.



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