A Note of Thanks

“Our company has been struggling with dropped calls, because of issues with our carrier service, for months! And call and after call to the repair center was not producing any kind of resolution.We purchased our phone system hardware from KCG Communications several years ago. And earlier this week we contacted Ken O’Grady, who we assumed would be familiar with the lingo and carrier systems. We asked if he could possibly assist us in trying to get the carrier to even LOOK at our problem.Ken was very gracious and helpful!! He opened a repair ticket on our behalf, and stayed with the issue until it was resolved. He had, absolutely, nothing to gain in this process….but, was kind enough to help. The carrier, finally, sent a serviceman who concluded that we did, indeed, have some faulty equipment.Without Ken’s help we would probably STILL be waiting and going through the frustratiion of dropped calls with our customers and dead phone-lines. Definitely, not the way to run a successful business. So, we appreciate Ken and his help, very much!”