KCG Communications wants to help you find the right system for your business needs. Here are a few basics when thinking about what system will work best for you and make your phone buying experience a pleasant one!

How many telephones do you need to operate efficiently and effectively?
Remember to include all employees plus any common areas such as conference rooms, lobby, kitchens or break rooms.

How many telephone lines do you currently use and what type are they?
Central Office (CO), DID, Centrex, OPX, T-1 or T-1 PRI?  The number of lines you need varies from business to business. A typical office has 3 lines for every 4 to 5 employees. A smaller retail style business my only need a few lines compared to the number of employees working at the site.

How much do you spend on your monthly telecommunication bills, both voice, and data?
KCG can help you determine if your current communication bills are the best package for you. In some instances, we could help save you up to 40% off your bill depending on your actual business needs.

What other options such as music on hold, external paging, special ringing devices, headsets, etc. do you want?
Having these additional features can help your office become more productive and increase sales.

Do you need a VoiceMail service?
Voice mail is a valuable tool that most, if not all, businesses cannot afford to be without. KCG offers a variety of options to make sure you have the right fit for your organization.

Will you have a need for any remote locations or home office locations?
When you have satellite offices and/or home offices, phone systems can be networked and therefore providing a unified appearance to your callers.

Do you require an auto attendant to answer all of your calls?
Auto-attendant can be an extremely useful tool to provide direct station dialing, directory information, and night and off-hours call coverage.

Will you use or need any cordless phones for extra mobility?
Using cordless phones can allow mobile personnel the freedom to move around the office, store or warehouse and still stay in touch with callers.

How do your computers integrate with your telecommunication system?
Computer telephony integration is another feature that lets your phone and PC work together with popular contact management software to provide “screen pops” of customer information and dials your phone when clicking on a phone number.

Planning ahead is crucial as most companies should buy a phone system that can expand by at least 50% and last at least 3 to 5 years.

A phone system is something you will have in your office for a long time, so think optimistically when figuring out the number of extensions needed in your office in terms of the size of your company in the near future.

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