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With businesses today becoming ever more mobile and needing to be accessible anywhere anytime, communication tools for Mobility and Cloud IT Computing are ever evolving to meet that need.  NEC and DB Networks, LLC offers a variety of solutions to meet your needs for your mobile workers and can customize a solution that will work for your organization.  Need not only more mobility for your phone needs, but need it for your computing needs as well?  KCG offers a mulitude of solutions for Cloud IT options for your ever more mobile workforce – Cloud Desktop, Hosted Exchange, Audio/Video Conferencing and more!

Don’t know how to handle having employees around the globe, but need a central location for your phone system?  We have a solution for you with Hosted PBX!

Trying to figure out how to have multiple devices ring at the same time for the same employee so that they can be reached anywhere?  NEC Communication tools have the solution for you!

Want to be able to access your desktop from a computer, tablet or even your phone?  DB Networks has Cloud Desktop solutions available for you!

You can have the organization you want and not need to have just one location to house them all.  With all of your mobility options, you can manage your employees remotely and provide them what they need to help you make your organization run smoothly and feel like everyone is right there together!


KCG can be your one-stop shop for all of your mobility needs!  Contact us to learn more at 303-773-1200!