Data Network Cabling

Let us take the hard work out of running voice and data lines.

As more businesses rely on data to get things done, having the right cabling installation is crucial. This infrastructure might end up being only a small portion of your overall technology package, but it can be responsible for up to 80% of your network’s efficiency.

For a project like this, experience counts.

Low Voltage Wiring

Low voltage wiring is designed for “low volt” items like telephones, Wi-Fi, cables, security, surveillance, and intercoms. You’ll sometimes hear it described as low voltage cabling or structured wiring.

For our purposes, low voltage wiring is a way for us to provide our clients with an efficient solution for communication equipment, especially in the digital space. It is a highly flexible way to provide an organization with a variety of communication applications, and it is a popular choice in data centers and call centers.

Lan Wiring

Short for Local Area Network, a LAN connects all of your office devices so that they communicate on the same server.

For devices, particularly computers, that need an Internet connection, KCG Communications will handle the sourcing and installation of everything you need to make this network fully operational, including Category 5 UTP cables and Ethernet hub. We will also check to ensure that your wiring is up to the task of accommodating the needs of your network.

There’s more than one way to connect these devices together with a LAN. Options include:

  • Ethernet
  • Phone line
  • Wireless
  • Power Line
  • Direct Cable Connection

Ethernet is still the most common way to connect a LAN, and it requires skill to set up. There are, of course, viable alternatives to LAN (listed above), and we’d be happy to discuss your options and make a recommendation that’s appropriate for your business.

Voice Cabling

Your phone system is likely the central hub of your business. Even if you have a website and conduct business online, customers and clients are still bound to need to speak to a human on the telephone!

Voice cabling involves setting up a system that allows your business to handle voice (and digital) data. To start, you’ll need at least two wires for each physical phone connection.

Depending on the current and future needs of your office, we may recommend a 6-wire cable, which allows you to scale. For example, if you’re adding multiple lines or need other functionality, you may need more wires.

Because we’ve been serving customers in the Denver area for 40 years, we’re a trusted provider of voice cabling services. We’ve helped several business owners who mistakenly assumed that voice cabling was a simple procedure that involved nothing more than drilling some holes, running cables, and attaching jacks.

However, the process is more strategic than that, and a wrong move can cost your business greatly. For example, if a contractor cuts any corners or misses a step, the quality of the connection could suffer even though everything still technically “works.” The last thing you want is static on the line, dropped calls, or interference from other signals.

We’ve also seen the cabling technology evolve rapidly from CAT5 to CAT6, and now fiber optic cabling. These advances allow for greater speed, and the advantages of fiber optic include fast transmission, less power, and more bandwidth.

At KCG Communications, we ensure everything is done right the first time.

Structured Cabling Planning and Implementation

From day one, KCG Communications has been at the forefront of concepts like Total Quality Management (TQM) to ensure that each project is meticulously planned, and every client has a positive outcome.

Our process is detail-oriented, and we’ve continued to refine it over the past 40 years. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect:

  • Initial survey – We work to understand your needs, look at your current solution, and get up to date on local codes relevant to the city of Denver and the state of Colorado.
  • System design – Based on our initial survey, we create a detailed design that encompasses everything.
  • Implementation – We plan every step of the project and get to work. We have a systematic process that ensures we stay on time and within budget.
  • Certification – We test, test, and test again.
  • Maintenance – Even after your project is done, we’re still at your beck and call if you ever need us. Whether you need remote support or an in-person technician, we are here for you!

Every project is assigned a dedicated project manager who is on call and accessible at any time.

Office Moves & Build Outs

Whether you’re moving your office or starting from scratch, you need a trusted cabling partner to ensure a smooth transition. Your IT infrastructure is a necessary part of your business, especially in the 21st century. Don’t take chances or cut corners!

We have been supporting Denver businesses for decades, and we’re here for you, too. We can handle everything, and we’ve seen it all.

Our solutions ensure that you have the correct infrastructure in place to meet the current needs of your business, and we’ll also ensure you’re properly set up to scale as you grow. All of our moves and buildouts are centered around a solution that is long-lasting, dependable, and scalable.

From handling moving your Internet to cabling infrastructure, we’ll support and guide you every step of the way.



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