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Is it time to upgrade your phone system?


    Communication technology moves fast.  Smartphones, Bring your own device, Social Media and emailing are transforming the way we do business.  But while we are running to catch up [...]

Is it time to upgrade your phone system?2020-07-15T05:52:35-06:00

Introducing the new NEC UT880 IP Phone!


NEC Corporation of America is ever advancing their technology to meet customer needs.  The NEC UT880 is another fantastic example of how they are creating new and exciting ways to be more [...]

Introducing the new NEC UT880 IP Phone!2020-07-15T05:53:30-06:00

Why make the move to Hosted Exchange? Here are 7 Reasons


Email is the bedrock of B2B and B2C communications. That’s why every business from the small start-up to the corporate giant needs a secure, reliable, flexible, and integrated email service. [...]

Why make the move to Hosted Exchange? Here are 7 Reasons2020-03-24T18:32:39-06:00

NEC Univerge Cloud Services, UCaaS


ARE YOU IN CONTROL OF YOUR COMMUNICATIONS OR ARE THEY CONTROLLING YOU? UNIVERGE Cloud Services UCaaS completely changes the way you purchase communications and redefines the way you communicate [...]

NEC Univerge Cloud Services, UCaaS2020-07-15T05:58:53-06:00

The Mobile and the BYOD Lifestyle


The nomadic work style is a growing trend with today’s workforce. IDC predicts that by 2015 the world’s mobile (BYOD Lifestyle) worker population will reach 1.3 billion people, representing 37.2% [...]

The Mobile and the BYOD Lifestyle2020-11-19T12:39:33-07:00

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