Your business relies heavily on phone systems, as it is the medium for communication within the organization as well as with clients, suppliers, and other crucial business connections. If your business doesn’t have a reliable and functioning telecommunication system, it can get in the way of its day-to-day operations. Ultimately, if your office phone systems are not functioning optimally, your business may struggle to meet its goals.

KCG Communications in Cheyenne provides a wide range of telecommunications services for small to medium-sized businesses. Our office phone system services bring more to the table than mere connectivity. We also offer solutions and features to improve customer service, allow communication on multiple levels, and boost productivity.

Our various business communication solutions include:

  • VoIP Services
  • Phone and network cabling installation and support
  • Cloud-based systems and support, including hosted PBX

If you want to improve communication from and within your business, KCG Communications can help. Keep reading to learn more about our various solutions and how they can boost your business’s efficiency and profits.

VOIP Services

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and it is a solution that offers voice communication via an internet connection or Local Area Networks instead of conventional phone services. A VoIP phone system converts an analog voice signal into data packets. The recipient receives these packets over the internet, but their receiver decodes the data back into a conventional voice signal.

Our VoIP solutions provide businesses like yours with several benefits, with the most prominent being lower costs. VoIP plans cost significantly less than landline phone systems. If you have a high-quality and reliable internet connection, VoIP is a viable option.

In addition to affordability, our VoIP services also offer advantages in terms of accessibility, portability, and scalability. You also get crystal clear voice quality, flexibility for use with softphones, multitasking support, and advanced features for teams of any size.

Our VoIP solutions also include hosted Private Branch Exchange (PBX,) which means we take care of your call platform and PBX features. We integrate VoIP solutions seamlessly with various networks, including TDM, IP, video, wired, and wireless networks.

To incorporate and benefit from our VoIP services, contact KCG Communications today.


Cheyenne Phone & Network Cabling

KCG Communications offers several phone and network cabling services, including:

  • Custom cable system design to meet our clients’ unique requirements
  • The installation and certification of telephone cables
  • Phone cabling system reconfiguration after office moves or new system additions
  • Routine phone and network cabling repairs, maintenance, and customer support

With our phone cabling services, we aim to prevent downtimes and unnecessary costs. Before conducting a phone cabling installation service, we will consult extensively with you to determine your business’s telecommunication requirements and cabling budget.

KCG Communications also provides a complete network cable installation and maintenance service in Cheyenne. This service includes the installation of low-voltage cabling, such as Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, and fiber optic.

With our professional network cabling installation service, our objective is to save you costs, establish a working system, and provide for future network changes and growth. Our cabling solutions also meet all Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) standards to ensure optimal quality, longevity, and safety.

Cloud-Based Systems and Support

KCG Communications offers cloud-based systems and support for platforms and subscription services such as G Suite, Office 365, and Hosted Microsoft Exchange. With our cloud-based services, you don’t need in-house infrastructure, servers, or software, which eliminates running costs pertaining to storage and software updates.

Users can access these cloud-based solutions from any location and device, including a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Complete accessibility allows team members to work from anywhere, which is ideal if your business is in a remote location or if you are serving a global market. These solutions also allow your employees to work from home, which boosts productivity.

Another benefit of KCG Communications’ cloud-based solutions is that they make reliable data backup and recovery possible. You can manage backups with SOS Dashboard, and you can also save data from one computer or an entire system.

Filelocker is one of our popular cloud-based solutions. With this platform, you can carry out multi-folder synchronization, in-cloud editing, and complete administrative control. You can deploy FileLocker through the Infrascale cloud or a private cloud for secure collaboration.

KCG Communications is a leading provider of phone system services and cloud-based solutions in Cheyenne. If you want to increase the efficiency of your business’s telecommunication, provide reliable customer service, and boost employee productivity, we can help. We will tailor our solutions to your needs to ensure optimal results.

For business phone systems for small to medium-sized businesses, VoIP services, cabling, and cloud-based solutions, contact KCG Communications today.