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Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Hosted Exchange is a comprehensive cloud service for Microsoft Exchange that allows businesses to reduce the cost and complexity of critical communications.  Whether you are a small business or a multinational corporation, Hosted Exchange can make your email communications better.

Workplace Hosted Desktop

Use your accounting/finance, sales/CRM, email and business apps in the desktop experience your employees are already trained to use.  Your applications are available on any Windows, Apple or  Android device, including laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Email Security

Is poor email management putting your business at risk?  Email is a critical tool in the modern business environment.  It is estimated that more than 150 Billion emails are sent each day and increasing at a dramatic rate.  How can you help protect your email risk?

Cloud Backup for Business

SOS Dashboard is a centralized system management tool developed to help oversee and manage online backup across an entire business.  We can offer the ideal selection of backup and security products for businesses of all sizes.  Do you need to make sure your data is being saved and available in case of an emergency?  Whether it be just one computer that you need the data saved or your entire server contents – we have a package for you!

Audio/Web Conference Services

Host instant meetings or work with our experts to plan and conduct large events using InterCall’s easy-to-use audio/Web conferencing services.

From having access to an instant conference to working with our knowledgeable staff who help you plan and conduct an investor relations call, you can count on InterCall to offer you easy-to-use audio/web conferencing solutions

FileLocker Secure Collaboration

FileLocker is a secure collaboration solution that can be deployed using the Infrascale cloud or a private cloud designated by the end-user company. FileLocker provides multi-folder synchronization, in-cloud editing, in-cloud preview, and robust administrative controls.

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