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FileLocker is a secure collaboration solution that can be deployed using the Infrascale cloud or a private cloud designated by the end-user company. FileLocker provides multi-folder synchronization, in-cloud editing, in-cloud preview, and robust administrative controls.

Key Features

  • End-to-end encrypted syncing. FileLocker allows each licensed user to securely sync files from multiple folders on their desktop.
  • Access and share synced folders. Once a folder or file is safe and secure in the cloud, users will be able to view, edit, and comment on data in the cloud.
  • Regulation compliant unlimited versioning.  FileLocker allows complete versioning and archiving control. Access files by version history and upload new versions of files. Deletion of previous versions is not required, but it is optional.
  • Notifications enable department managers to monitor team activities and manage projects between individuals. Notifications are available for file sharing, downloading, commenting, and editing.
  • Mobile optimized web-access. Your company’s secure cloud will be accessible through FileLocker anywhere in the world. Any phone with a mobile browser and any desktop with a web browser will allow users to securely access, edit, preview, and share files and folders.
  • Large file sharing. FileLocker is a secure alternative to free file-sending services. Files can be sent to clients or associates who may not have direct access to your secure cloud, but still need to receive a document from a user of FileLocker. Eliminate the size of EDB files on your Exchange server by sending large files securely with FileLocker.

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