Virtual Desktop

Businesses can turn greater efficiency in their IT operations into a competitive advantage with Virsage WorkPlace Hosted Desktops. This solution delivers all of your applications and data virtually anywhere, at any time. Use your accounting/finance, sales/CRM, email, business apps, and Microsoft Office applications in the desktop experience your employees are already trained to use. 

With WorkPlace Hosted Desktops your applications are available on any device, including desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets. As a cloud-based solution, WorkPlace Hosted Desktops provide businesses with all of their IT needs in a simple subscription-based model. The solution simplifies IT and controls costs, and in addition to applications, includes remote access, backups, and support at a manageable monthly cost with no hardware investment.

WorkPlace Hosted Desktops help to reduce downtime and business disruptions by providing continuous service wherever Internet connectivity is available. All applications, desktops, data, and files are backed up off-site in the event of unplanned outages due to disasters such as floods, fire, adverse weather, or earthquakes.

Key Benefits

  • Outsource desktop support and maintenance and focus on strategic IT.
  • Easily scale up and down to meet fluctuating employment trends.
  • Shift your traditional capital expense IT model to a monthly pay-as-you-go operating expense model.
  • Employees can use their own device without complicated security and support policies.
  • Deploy new applications quickly to your users.
  • Access to any application from a secure, well-managed environment.
  • Data centrally resides in a secure cloud environment and can be controlled with your existing security policies.
  • Ability to meet stringent compliance requirements, including industries such as healthcare, legal, and financial services.

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