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DB Networks SIP Trunking and PRI Service

DB Networks SIP Trunk and PRI services are VoIP products that are completely compatible with your existing phone system. We designed these services to be delivered in a variety of connections to increase compatibility. Customers looking for new phone services and more flexibility than their current vendor is providing are right for this service. In addition to the highest quality available for voice traffic over the Internet these services bundled in our Business Continuity solution to ensure that your customers never miss a beat. With Business Continuity even during power failures, network outages, or other events our “Cloud” based backup solution can be used to direct callers to a variety of options including Automated Attendant, multiple call forward to cell phones, or a backup location to answer calls.

With DB Networks VoIP services you receive the highest quality available for voice traffic over the Internet. We utilize state of the art routers that are specially designed to handle mission-critical voice applications. Our routers guarantee you the best available Quality of Service levels. They keep track of your network performance and make real-time adjustments to make sure every call is delivered with the best possible quality.

All of this is available with your current phone system. Our expert engineers will properly configure the services to be compatible with your system. No additional hardware is needed. To meet your system requirements we can provide connections consisting of:

  • SIP Trunk – Straight VoIP handoff to your PBX
  • PRI handoff to your PBX
  • T-1 handoff to your PBX
  • Loop start or POTS handoff to your PBX

DB Networks VoIP services include the following standard features*:

  • Inbound Caller ID (name and number when applicable)
  • Outbound Caller ID name and number – Can be controlled by the PBX or Customer Portal
  • Even inbound number pass through for forwarded or remote calls that are forwarded
  • Full remote control of inbound calls managed anywhere from the Customer Portal
  • A complete report of inbound and outbound calls made
  • Keep your existing numbers
  • Business Continuity – A disaster recovery “Cloud” based solution for making sure your customers never miss a beat. When you experience a power failure, network outage, or other service-affecting event our Business Continuity solution will automatically redirect callers to a variety of options that you control through the Customer Portal. Examples are Automated attendant, other location such as answering service or set up a multi-ring group for several cell phones in your organization. Business Continuity protects you when you are down with an abundance of options.
  • Fully managed router

Keeping your existing PBX and your current investment while migrating to VoIP has never been easier. Receive all the benefits of DB Networks VoIP services with your existing equipment.

For more information please contact us at 303-773-1200 or Click Here to have us call when it’s convenient for you.

*some features may not be supported by your existing system and may require a software or hardware upgrade on your PBX.

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