When it comes to VoIP business phone systems in Denver, KCG Communications, Inc. helps clients navigate the range of rapidly changing technology for business phone systems. KCG Communications provides VoIP services in the Denver area that fit with the changes and growth of your business. We offer customized VoIP and PBX phone systems that meet your current business needs and provide room for growth.


Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP uses your company’s internet system to place and receive phone calls instead of a traditional phone carrier. Businesses often have dynamic communication needs that change frequently. VoIP technology makes it easier to manage changes, provisioning, and costs.

KCG Communications will help your Denver area business transition to an enterprise-class VoIP and internet service that is scalable, secure, reliable, and that enhances your company’s productivity and savings.


Private Branch Exchange, or PBX, is a private in-house phone network that allows your company to manage all inbound and outbound calls. Multi-line phone systems are the backbone of many businesses – essential for sales and customer service. Depending on the age and available features of the phone system, it might be time to consider an upgrade to a cloud PBX phone system. A multi-line phone system is often a vital resource for company revenue.

KCG Communications is your Denver-area PBX service specialist. We will assess your existing PBX phone system and current needs. We can help you choose a solution that works within your budget and supports your business objectives.

Why Choose KCG Communications?

KCG Communications is celebrating nearly 40 years of helping companies with their business phone system and communications needs. Our reputation for dedicated service and custom communication systems and services has enabled KCG Communications to retain and attract satisfied clients.

Our technicians are trained on a broad range of industry-standard VoIP and PBX systems, as well as internet networking technology. Contact us to get answers to your questions and discuss how KCG Communications can help you establish a business phone system that works for you.

KCG Communications, Inc. provides high-quality telecommunications services, including:

· All cabling

· 5-year equipment warranty

· Multi-line voice service, long-distance calling included

· Data services

· High availability services

· 24/7 responsive customer service

· Competitive pricing

· Financing available

When you subscribe to KCG Communications services, you’ll know your up-front and monthly costs plain and straightforward with no hidden fees. KCG Communications products and services are designed to maximize your business phone system performance at an affordable price. When your company’s phone system is a critical component to your sales and customer service – your bottom line – you want a resource, you can trust to design, setup, and maintain this vital resource.

KCG Communications is so much more than a communications company. Our technical teams assess your existing or prospective IT or working space for adequate cabling and network access. We repair or replace existing cable installations and bring them up to local code, and we provide you with the most up-to-date materials and designs.

Contact KCG Communications today to discuss your Denver area VoIP business phone system needs.