Communication technology moves fast.  Smartphones, Bring your own device, Social Media and emailing are transforming the way we do business.  But while we are running to catch up with the latest trends, it can be easy to neglect the desktop phone.

We understand that your legacy system has been a tried and true communication platform for your business for many years and we are proud to offer NEC products because they are commercial grade and high quality products.  With the changing trends and communication continuing to be the most critical need in the business world, we wanted to show you how you can look at upgrading your older legacy system into the new NEC SV9100 Phone System.

The benefit of working with KCG Communications is that we can help you determine your current business needs and find the right solution for you. KCG has the ability to offer our customers a quality AND affordable solution with the NEC SV9100.  The system offers advanced technology that allows you to take advantage of more mobility, fully integrated Voicemail, larger phone displays, remote capabilities for telecommuting, VoIP and Desktop Communications.

In today’s ever changing world and the need to be more mobile and still be available to your customers, both platforms offer a wide range of features that come standard on a system that can help you achieve even higher productivity with your employees.  KCG can provide you with a free consultation on your current needs and provide you detailed quote.

Your business success is important to you and to KCG Communications and that begins with your phone system.  Contact us today at 303-773-1200 or submit our contact form to request a no obligation quote.  Let us help you determine if it is time to upgrade your phone system from your legacy system!