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In today’s ever-changing business environment, information is critical when making important organizational decisions, and managing employees and resources. Your business decisions should be based on facts, both current and historical, to ensure your employees are informed and your business is effectively servicing customers.

NEC offers a variety of solutions for your organization that can meet your needs to maximize your communication performance.

NEC InControl

With NEC’s InControl Call Reporting solution for the UNIVERGE® SV9100 and SL2100 communications platforms, smaller-sized organizations can more effectively track productivity and improve future call usage. A wizard-based interface makes configuring and creating targeted reports easy while at-a-glance reporting delivers ready access to overall system usage, caller experiences as well as quick analysis of department, group or user-level call history, activities and trunk utilization.

InControl also seamlessly integrates with NEC’s Contact Center reports, eliminating the need to jump from one application to another to view an additional set of company reports. InControl reports and Contact Center reports for ACD calls run from the same easy-to-use interface when NEC’s SMB communications platforms are licensed for both. Integration is accomplished through simple licensing. Plus no additional hardware is required to add Contact Center reports to InControl.

NEC Communications Analyst

UNIVERGE SV9000 Series Communications Analyst is an easy-to-use, graphically-oriented software package that captures, monitors and analyzes telephone calls and trunk usage for single or multiple locations. It works to provide a clear picture of voice and network activity on converged communications platforms, such as VoIP, hosted PBXs and hybrid telephone systems.


Analyze call traffic Use of the Traffic Analyst features can help to reduce costs and increase revenue by enabling the efficient allocation of resources, eliminating excess trunk capacity and enhancing productivity. Access reports from anywhere Web reporting enables users to access reporting data from anywhere using just a web browser and internet access. Provide accurate billing and proof of calls Client Matter associates group contacts with specific projects and generates billing reports for all calls made to and from these contacts for the associated project. Using this feature and its reports, businesses can ensure that they are providing precise customer billing with proof of all calls made.

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