Call Accounting & Reporting software allows you to get detailed reports about calls your organization makes and receives at configurable timeframes that will help manage your business (daily, weekly or monthly).

You can use this type of software to manage the cost of long-distance calls, track calls made by your employees, see the success of marketing campaigns, or assist with scheduling employees for busy or slow times. Call Analyst or TAPIT — two great call account reporting packages.

Pick from a large list of custom or “standard” call reports….

Call center software screen capture

Track calling patterns and do “what if analysis” to save costs, raise sales, etc…

Call center software screen capture #2

Do custom reporting to see results of marketing campaigns and advertising…

Call center report print out

Choice between text or graphical representation of data…

Call center software screen capture #3

Keep a finger on the pulse of the organization by monitoring all calls….

Total call logged screen capture
Call center software dashboard

Your NEC telephone switch provides the data records that help you provide excellent service to your customers, track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and gives you tools to manage costs. Please talk with us about how Call Accounting and Reporting Software can help your business.

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