Phone systems are crucial components to your business’s infrastructure, as they allow for effective internal and external communication. Without functioning telecommunication systems and communication networks, your company cannot carry out its daily operations and meet its business objectives.

KCG Communications provides high-quality, customizable phone system solutions to meet your small or medium business communication requirements. Our office phone systems will make it possible for your business to communicate effectively with customers and maintain high customer service standards.

Our telecommunication systems also make employee collaboration possible from all locations, which promotes teamwork and higher productivity and, ultimately, profitability.

With KCG Communications, you have access to a wide range of business phone systems, including:

If you want to increase your business’s communication and productivity, KCG Communications can help. Keep reading to learn more about our office phone system solutions in Pueblo.

VoIP Services

Voice over Internet Protocol is a phone service that works with an internet connection and not your local phone company. If your business has a high-quality internet connection, VoIP is a viable option as the rates for this service are lower than those for conventional telephone services.

Not all customers and business connections use VoIP, so we provide you with reliable systems that turn analog phone signals into digital signals that you can transmit and receive over the internet.

In addition to savings, our VoIP services also provide added functionality. Our systems make, among others, the following features available to your business:

  • Account coding
  • Background music
  • Call-forwarding, redirecting, and holding
  • Group calls
  • Mobile extension
  • Speed dialing
  • Transfers
  • Voiceover

Our VoIP services include a hosted Private Branch Exchange (PBX,) which is a telephone switching system that your business can access via a cloud network. As a trusted VoIP provider, we can host your entire phone and communications network and replace all your individual phone extensions with VoIP desk phones.

Our VoIP solutions also work seamlessly with TDM, IP, video, wired, and wireless networks. To learn more about our VoIP services and the benefits they can offer your business in Pueblo, contact KCG Communications today.

Pueblo Phone & Networking Cabling

In addition to VoIP services, KCG also offers professional phone and networking cabling services. Our phone cabling solutions include:

  • Designing cable systems that meet your business needs
  • Installing and certifying telephone cables
  • Reconfiguring phone cabling after moves or phone wire additions
  • Routine phone cabling maintenance, repairs, and support

When it comes to phone cabling, we go the extra mile to prevent downtimes, excess costs, and waste. Before performing a phone cabling service, we will first determine your business’s telecommunication needs and budgetary limits.

In addition to phone cabling, KCG also offers a professional network cable installation service. Our computer cable network design and installation solutions don’t only ensure the lowest possible cost, but they also allow for future growth.

We can install any network and low-voltage cabling system, including Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, and fiber optic. We also met all the requirements enabling us to certify that our work meets TIA standards for cabling.

Cloud-Based Systems And Support

Our cloud-based systems and support provide a cost-effective alternative to in-house infrastructure. These solutions also eliminate the need for stand-alone servers and software, which, in turn, reduces your company’s overhead costs—for example, for software updates and data storage.

Our cloud solutions are also always available from any location. Registered users can access information from various geographic areas and devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. We offer cloud-based solutions for G Suite, Office 365, and Hosted Microsoft Exchange.

Additionally, KCG Communications’ cloud-based systems allow for flexible and reliable back-up and recovery. With the SOS Dashboard, you can manage or oversee online back-ups throughout your business operations. We offer back-up and security for your business, regardless of its size.

With our cloud-based systems, you can also save and make data available from one computer or an entire system.

KCG’s cloud-based solutions also include FileLocker, which allows for multi-folder synchronization, in-cloud-editing, previews, and administrative control. Your business can deploy this secure collaboration solution through the Infrascale cloud or a private cloud.

KCG Communications provides a wide range of reliable and secure voice and data services to small to medium-sized businesses in Pueblo. The objective of our installation and support services is to reduce clients’ telecommunication costs, increase the reliability of their service delivery, save time, and boost employee productivity.

If your business relies heavily on interdepartmental and customer communication, KCG Communications can help you with telephone, VoIP, and cloud systems. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to receive a quote.